Lean Technology for Communication

Hyelite designs and manufactures technological solutions to make the LTE CPE and Internet of things possible. Hyelite 4G and 5G platforms in both Access level and embedded systems allows connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Hyelite products could be customized for different applications based on customers request . This covers the design, prototyping and development of all kinds of electronic hardware which are customized to your needs. We design according to the requirements of the customer. Normally we require the specifications for a design job from the customer.

Customized Smart Home Solutions Powered by IoT

Hyelite smart home technology solutions make your home safe, elegant, fun and easy to use.

Our Smart home solutions are redefining the way we live in our own houses. Smart home leverages the power of IoT to save money, energy, time. On the other hand, it enhances convenience and quality of life.

IoT Solutions

Hyelite IoT solutions transforms data to productivity in all verticals. Our Platform will support different industries to develop their own smart products based on different technologies from NB-IoT to LoRa and 4G , 5G cellular networks.


Hyelite products contains different type of devices in IT and telecom fields. We manufacture different types of LTE CPE, Access points and IoT products. Hyelite products will be customized for different customers based on request.

Electronic Design

Hyelite embedded hardware design and development team offers custom circuit design services as well as embedded software development to fit your high technology needs at a competitive price.